When OBBA registered Bulldogges compete at OBBA Sanctioned conformation shows they can earn points toward an OBBA Championship.

The age classes for competition are males 3 – 6 months, females 3 – 6 months, males 6 – 9 months, females 6 – 9 months, males 9 – 12 months, females 9 – 12 months and adults are male 1 – 2 years, females 1 – 2 years, males 2 – 4 years, females 2 – 4 years, males 4 plus, females 4 plus.

First – 5 points plus a point for each dog beaten in the class.

Second – 3 points plus a point for each dog beaten in the class.

Third – 1 points plus a point for each dog beaten in the class.

The next step is for all of the first place winners to compete for either best Male or Best Female.  The winning male earns a point for each dog in the other 2 classes.

The final step is for the Best Male to compete against the Best Female and all of the OBBA Champions of that breed in attendance for Best In Show which at this point also means Best of Breed.  (Because the breeds do not compete against each other, a show is contained to just one breed)( We hope to introduce competition between the breeds when show attendance is high.)  Jr. Champions would compete against the Best Male Puppy and the Best Female Puppy for Best In Show Puppy for that breed.  The Best In Show and the Best In Show Puppy Winner earns another 1 point for all of the dogs that competed of the opposite sex plus 2 points for each champion or junior champion beaten.

An OBBA Jr. Champion is declared when a puppy earns 75 points.  An OBBA Champion is declared when an adult earns 100 points and wins 2 major wins.

A major win is either a Best Male or a Best Female.

OBBA Jr. Championship and OBBA Championship certificates are available for $20.  As soon as your bulldogge has achieved its Jr. CH or CH please email your request to Email@BulldoggeRegistry.com, payments can be made through PayPal.com.  Your CH will be verified and the certificate will be mailed.  Please include a good quality photo of your Champion with your email request.

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