Mini Bulldog Standard

Weight: 20 to 35 pounds – Ideal 30 pounds

Height: 11 to 14 inches – Ideal 12.5 inches

Mini Bulldog Breed Description: The Mini Bulldog must be of small size with a smooth coat. Body is heavy, thick, and cobby (square). The head is

large and short-faced. The shoulders are wide, and limbs sturdy. Disposition is fun-loving and courageous, but not

aggressive. A lean, leggy, or long body is objectionable. The Mini Bulldog thrives on human interaction and MUST

be an integral part of its human family.

Size, Proportion, Substance: Size is between 20 to 35 pounds, 11 to 14 inches tall. Proportion is square. Substance is a big dog in a little body,

which is shown by compactness, proportion, and hard, defined muscle. Over 15 inches tall and over 40 pounds is a disqualification.

Head: The head is large and short-faced. Viewed from the front, the head should be square, and from the side should appear high and short.

Forehead: The forehead should be flat, not domed.

Face and Muzzle: From the front of the cheeks to the nose should be extremely short, with the muzzle being very short, and wide.

Bite: Slightly to moderately undershot. A scissor bite is a DQ.

Eyes: Eyes are in front of the head, wide apart, round, neither sunken nor bulging, nor easty westy.

Ears: The ears are thin, small, wide apart, and set high on the head. Ears should be Rose or Button. Pricked ears are a

disqualifying fault.

Nose: The nose should be large and broad, set deep between the eyes, with wide, open nostrils that have a defined line

between them. Nose color can be black, gray, or brown, in any shade, but must be pigmented. Stenotic (pinched)

nares are major fault. Nose that is lacking some pigment (flowered) is a minor fault, missing all pigment is a DQ.


The head and face should be covered with heavy wrinkles. Wrinkles should be large, deep, and soft.

Neck, Topline, and Body:

The neck is thick, strong, arched at the back, and should carry the head proudly. Topline- there should be a slight

fall in the back close behind the shoulders, and should rise slightly to the loins. Body is short and cobby, wide in

chest, with full sides and deep. The chest should let down between the forelegs, giving the dog a short legged

appearance. Sway Back is a Disqualifying Fault.


The tail may be screwed or straight, short, whether natural or docked. Tails with more than 2 vertebrae should

have a downward carriage. A full, long tail is a DQ.


Shoulders should be giving stability and power. Forelegs are short, thick, muscular and set wide. Elbows should be

low and stand out. Feet should be moderate in size, toes compact with high knuckles and short nails of any color.

The front feet may be slightly turned out.


The hind legs muscular, strong, and slightly longer than the front. Lower leg should be short, strong, with stifles

slightly turned out. Hind feet are as the front and turned out. Downed pasterns, with dewclaws on or nearly

touching the ground, is a disqualifying fault.

Coat and Skin:

The coat should be straight, short, and be soft to the touch. Harsh coats are a minor fault.


Any coat color is acceptable.


The Mini Bulldog should have a playful, kind, resolute, and courageous temperament, but with no aggression. Its

demeanor should be dignified, outgoing, and loving. Excessive aggression is a disqualifying Fault.


The gait can be loose-jointed, shuffling, with a sideways motion, unrestrained, and self-assured.


Over 15 inches tall, over 40 pounds, scissor Bite, excessive aggression, downed pasterns, a full long tail, sway back,

non-pigmented nose, pricked ears.