Sadly the health and function of bulldogs over the years became secondary to the cool look, while most are initially fascinated by the bulldog because of its unique look we quickly realized that health and function must be prioritized in a BREEDING PROGRAM.  We encourage all bulldog breeders to screen their breeding stock diligently, only breed the dogs that are easy keepers, free from disease and conditions, allergies, poor breathing whether due to elongated soft palates or pinched nares.  Do not breed dogs with cherry eye, entropian, or skin issues.  Do not breed dogs that require artificial insemination. Do not breed dogs that cannot run, jump and play with ease.  Not every dog you painstakingly raise in hopes of breeding one day will make the grade, we have all been there and had to make the decision to place an inferior bulldog in a pet home. The future of our breed and the success of your breeding program depends on critical selection.


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