I have a puppies, one of the parents is registered with you and the other is not, how do I register the litter?

First we need to register the parent that is not registered with us, the we can register the litter, forms can be found on the registrations page

I have a dog without papers, how can I get them?

The first answer is you can’t.  If you’re dog was a rescue, you were given it or bought or acquired it without papers it is not eligible for registration.

I lost my papers, how can I register my dog.

Well, the short answer is you can’t as you’re not the registered owner of the dog, the breeder is.  You will have to get in contact with the breeder and have them confirm to us that they sold you the dog before we can register your dog.

I bought an adult dog, how do I transfer ownership.

It’s important to transfer ownership as soon as you can, otherwise you are not the registered owner of the dog in our database.  If you lose these papers you can’t get them replaced, only the registered owner can.  If you breed this dog it also needs to be registered in order to register the litter. Click here for the transfer of ownership form

I have a dog registered with another registry, can I also register my dog with you?

Yes, we need a few things, a photo of your dog, copies of the current registration documents, and a 3 generation pedigree.  Scan or photograph this information and email it to us email@bulldoggeregistry.com, the fee is $35 and may be sent via PayPal.com or paid by credit card. Click here for the single dog registration form.

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