Banter Bulldogge Breed Standard

Written by the Banter Bulldogge Foundation National Club:

General Description: The Banter Bulldogge should be a robust, athletic, muscular, mid-sized Bulldogge/Mastiff with minimal white. A strong working dog, a muscular build, athletically sound with the legs underneath them. The Banter Bulldogge is best represented at 45-80 lbs (keeping in a range we feel the Brabanter Bullenbeisser was when it was still around) a slight under bite and broad strong head while still proportionate to its body. It must compare to the old dogs of the area of Brabant known as the Brabanter Bullenbeisser. Most of all they must be a working breed and should be proven at every opportunity.

Head: Proportional to body, square, muscular, should have a pronounced stop between skull and muzzle with the top of the skull mostly flat. Strong muscular jaws. Fault: Thin or long

Muzzle: Bite should be slight under bite. Good strong teeth, with impressive canine teeth. Should appear “Bull Doggy” but a strait top line. Muzzle should not be upturned allowing clean breathing. Fault: Muzzle too long or having a “hound” look, scissor or even bite.

Eyes: Rounded almond eyes that are wide set with a wrinkled brow for a look of heavy concentration. Any color is acceptable.

Nose: Should be solid black or red. Fault: Completely pink nose (a small amount is acceptable).

Neck: Well-muscled thick high neck blending into very muscular strong forelimbs.

Chest: Impressive strong chest should come down to meet elbows. Should appear square but not overly exaggerated. The rib should have spring to it to allow for heavy intake of air. Fault: Too narrow in the chest.

Back: Should have a slight arch with a high set tail. Well muscled above shoulders.

Legs: Should not be “stubby” or “lanky” but have a nice balance of height compared to the length of the body to keep “Performance” in this breed. Front legs are muscular and well defined. There should be no appearances of turning outward or having a commonly referred to “Easty Westy” look to them. Rear Legs are very muscular for strong bouncing leaps and superior pulling power. The rear leg, ankles and feet should appear in-line and have no appearance of being cow hocked. The leg is slightly shorter than body is long.
Fault: Bowing or turned out resulting in poor movement.

Feet: Compact, Round and the pasterns should be strong. Fault: Down in the pasterns or splayed feet.

Height: Males 16-25 inches; Females 14-23 inches

Weight: Males 50 – 85 lbs; Females 40 – 70 lbs Fault: Dogs excessively above or below the standard weight.

Color: Fawn, black, red, brindle of all types, with or without black mask. All colors can posses various amounts of white up to 30%. The coat should be short and smooth.

Ears: Short either drop or rose. Preferred natural but may be cropped short.

Tail: High set, naturally reaches near the hock. Preferred to be docked.
Use: Weight pull, working, hunting, guard and family pet.

Temperament: Easy to train and very obedient. The Banter Bulldogge should be excellent with children and always loyal to its family. It is a excellent watchdog and will bark to alarm danger or to scare off trespassers. Are ready to protect if necessary but accepting of welcomed guests. They have a lower energy level indoors than out. However Banter Bulldogges do need to get a good workout or energy can become built up. They are a ruff and tuff dog playing and can be fine with other dogs as long as they have been properly socialized. A fun dog with its family always eager for play time and is smart enough to know when play time is over.